Unspoken words

Words  can change the world, and unspoken words are nothing but a misery, nothing but a burden. What is too hard to utter them sometimes ,why do we find it difficult  to jut say them? Well it’s just words. Is it the fear of unknown? We have fear of what we don’t know, but we would actually know after saying those words.

You see, this thing of “think before you speak” has killed lot of us, killed our confidence, who we are. They say “truth does not break any relationship, only if I’d find it true. Sometimes we protect a little that we have by silence, and maybe few words could have advanced you, rather made you much happier.

I’d always say ‘you’d never know if you have never tried’ which I find  so fair. T D Jakes once said that what is not tied to you, you gotta let it go, it was not meant for you, for what was meant for you will never leave you.

As time goes by…

As the sun rise,set, rise again …. it makes time time goes, yet it become days, days become months and months years. Yes there’s a  saying that says “YOLO” but doesn’t guarantee tomorrow will never come. Well !!!! Every minute you live now defines your tomorrow, and it’s never late to study your mistakes of  yesterday to rectify any fault and build the better tomorrow. As a child I have learned that we have the right to make mistakes, and that’s how we learn in a everyday life, everyone does. Yey!!!! It’s  so true that  experience is a good teacher. Anyways, why most of us don’t let past rest where it is? Every soul walking with two legs trips. Get up and pick yourself and move forward, no need to sulk,I won’t help. Live a zero regrets life.

Well I always say LIFE GOES ON! And it ultimate does. Well, I was not intending to preach. I am  not perfect either, but hey!!!! I always try to live my best. I do things too, sober,drunk tense or moody but I never regret anything. That’s the way it is, there’s no way you can turn back the time. What’s done is done.

The reason I am writing this is because I felt like my heart has just been  ripped from my rib cage, I felt sorry for this guy. I knew him from primary school. He was so bully,strong bossy, you know those kids that are over themselves and felt that they own this world…. tiny a he was u can just imagine we feared him like a monster… lol but not me, I wouldn’t dare, I once tried him, I guess from that day I gained his respect, fragile as I am, soft as I always been… hahaha is one of the days I am proud of! Lol not really though. Since well I am forgiving person I have nothing against him. But I ask myself why he didn’t fight life like he did with others? Well life could have been so great for him, not saying life isn’t good for him, but a normal person would ask himself why, would a 21 years guy as early as bottle store opens holding a bottle of beer. He kept me thinking, is he one of those  who drink their problems away? Or is the life he enjoys? Hai He is 21 for Gods sake…he still got more years to go. Does he dream? He has aspirations?  Well I was asking myself questions I can’t answer myself. I don’t know what tomorrow has for me, but I wish that I gain strength to fight all difficulties I might come across, giving up is not really an option.

As I saw him the learners from middle school were going to school… every leaner reminded me of certain character that was in my class or school. Lol its amazing I saw a miniature image of him, right there,  will he be like him at 21? I guess I’m hallucinating. Well my point is as time goes by, each character retain its state in every generation… amazing. Can’t wait to to see little Me on a stranger,,, haha you know what I mean.

If life gives you lemon why don’t you just make lemon juice? I wish everyone especially those I grew up with see things,life in particular in a bright way… and challenges as stepping stones to the great success. Build your name… make the days count,don’t count them…


No such! Home away from home!


There’s no place like home!, nothing more nothing less! If you disagree you’ll be looking for snakes’ legs!

Whether your home is a shark, mansion, small what ever shape u can think of,it matters not! I fail to respect someone who is embarrassed by his home! And I always wanna puke when someone make fun of someone’s! Like WTF? Who are you to start with?

Home is where everything is! I mean everything you can think of, love, freedom,happiness, food, a place u can lay your head without anything on your way. Most importantly you get all the freedom u want!

I am not writing this because I miss home, but because I know what home means! No matter the situation you going through at home, never leave your home, you rather change the situation or strive to change it. Even though you could leave you’d always look back, you left something very huge there,yourself. I saw many people leaving home because of anger and I saw the same people returning back to their homes. Even if you can receive a warm hospitality wherever you’ll be running to, the day would come when you’d just find your footsteps before your home’s door. I know someone familiar who left home and he’s by himself now, but when he is in trouble or in need of something he knows the direction,home. This is one of my classes that taught me the importance of home, I’d just tell that you are not happy… We should leave our homes when we know that we are ready, with peace though, for the good reasons, like when you start your own family ( marriage), work or school.

I have to admit it I miss home, but because I know why I am here it’s  fine, before you know it I’ll be back with them again, walking tall with pride. That’s what we should do! In Setswana we would say “gaabo motho go thebe phatswa”

Still alive


Hi everyone! It’s been a long time not being in this side! I missed you a lot!

A lot has happened, I’ve been through a lot, broken up, and met new people; lovers and friends, relocated and e.t.c! As it has always been said “life is not an easy journey!” I’m not complaining though. There is some verse in the Bible if not mistaken that says everything has it time, I can now relate to it. In my side I could say this is time for scarification, it not scarification per se, or should I put it this way: it is preparing for the better tomorrow.

Wouldn’t have been easy when everyone knew his/her destination? Or life would be so boring? EISH! It’s an EISH, isn’t? I am saying this because sometimes you just hold on something that won’t be useful in your life, something that wouldn’t make you happy at the end of the day, something that just waste your time or something that you won’t even end up with it. Sometimes you would just feel it that you are forcing it, but the problem is you don’t know which way to go.

OK! Done with preaching! Moses has died long time ago; he was the one who was good at that. Yeah I am still alive, full figured, still breathing, seeing, although my favorite glasses are broken; sad, speaking but Spanish in this case. Yo hablo española.  Leaving your home, loved ones and friends not forgetting leaving your life, has never been an easy thing to do. But if birds can do it, rona re palelwa ke eng? I wish I could write here in everyday but shuuu! Thes e no internet in heaven hle! Lol.  In the mean time you take care of yourselves. Don’t forget : DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Adios! Chao! Hasta la vida!



hey guys.. firstly i wanna apologize for taking so long not posting… ive been through a lot.. emotional conflict, a trip to Durban and a event to organize, u can just imagine how overloaded  i was… not forgetting that i have just entered a second semester.. things are getting pretty much hectic now.

and i wanna say thank you to those who wished me the best on my writings and those who followed me, i am promising you more to come.. more to entice you. lol..

lots of love ………. james

Strangers: You, Us, Now

Anca Dunavete


It was summer when, night after night, we fell asleep with fast hearts and hurried dreams of sunlight, fresh air and new adventures. You kneading my spine and pulsing through my veins, me telling myself that happiness never hurt anyone and, if worst came to worst, misery is always refundable. Seconds diffused into days and memories in the making as I was holding your hand, growing luckier day by day. One morning, you said that you had never seen a spark before, that most people don’t sparkle. I knew I was light years away from what you saw in me, but your eyes were so used to darkness that even a shred of light like mine could blind you. Like dust particles exposed for twenty seconds by summer sunshine before moving back into the shade, happiness lasted until late August. Then you held me an extra second, enough to let me know…

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Meno Masweu Polaya e Tshega #Kgaolo ya ntlha#

Mmareta le Dipuo ene ele lenala le monwana.. fa one o ba lebile o ne o ka ithaya wa re ke mawelana.

Basetsanyana ba ba bedi ba, ba gotse mmogo, ba nna mo lefelong le lengwe. Fa o ya kwa ga bo Dipuo o tswa fa bo Mmareta  o gata dikgato fela di se kae. Ba gotse jalo mmogo go  tloga boseeng go fitla ba ya kwa sekolong se se golwana. Go senyegile kae? Busa mowa o ntheetse!

Mmareta ke mosetsanya o moswoana, o mosetlhana okare lephutshi la mariga. O katogile moyo go se kae. Sefatlhego sa gagwe ene o kare sa mpopo o le mo thelebisheneng,dilo tsa sesha. Moyebo wa gagwe o ne o thiba letsatsi. Ga ke garela nkare o ne a le montle tota. Dikgosi di ne di ipoa kgasu faabo go tla go leka le bagolo. Mmagwe a gana a sale a pitike. “Ke batlela ngwanake botshelo jo bo botoka, a ikemelele mo botshelong jwa gagwe, ga nkitla ke mo tlhopela sepe” mmagwe a wetse kgang  a gatlhile tuku. “A le santse le le fa?!” a botsa magosi. O ne a sa tshabe gore kgosi e tla mo ntsha ka  motse?, nyaa fa o e tshwara ka fa bogaleng le ga e ka go kgaola menwana ga ona sepe.

Mareta le Dipuo ba ne ba iphelela ba le babedi fela, o ne o ka se bone DIpuo fa gaufi wa tlhoka go gaodisa Mmareta. Botsalano jwa bona ene ele jo bo rokotsang mathe mo balekaneng jwa bona. Fa go iwa sekolong ba patagane, ga go boiwa ba patagane. Batsadi bane ba itumela thata fa ba bona se, bare bana ba bona ga ba kitla ba kgotlhelwa ke bana ba bangwe ba ba sa rutegang go tswa kwa malapeng a bona. Malapa a bone ka bobedi ene ele malapa a tlotlegang ka bane ba itshwere sentle le molao o rutilwe mo lelapeng. Ka ura ya bosupa,phimane, ne ba itse gore ba be ba tshwanetse ba le mo mantlong a bona, Mmila ene ele moila mo go bona.

Fa ba tsena kwa sekolong se se golwana, tshiname e simolola go ba kgatlhegela. Dipuo e ne ele mosetsanyana wa mmele, fa ne ba mmoka ne bare ke mosetsana wa mo Aforika tota, ka re itse gore MaAforika ke bone ba ba nang le matshwaro. Ka mmala a le borokwa, a ratile go nna montshonyana. Dikoti ke tsele marameng, fa pula e ka nela mogo tsona, ditshoswane di ne di ka se kgale foo go tla go ikgalolosa. Meno a gagwe are twaa,fa ane a ke nyeba go le gaufi, o ne o ka thanya letsogo le le matlhong. Basetsana ba, ba ne ba le bantle. Mekgabo ya bo rrabona.

Ka mophato wa bolesome ke fa Dipuo a iponela molekane, ene o ne a dira mophato wa bosome le bonngwe. Molekane wa gagwe o ne a tswa ko lelapeng le le senamg moruto, kwa mmapereko, ngwana,mogolo, ene ele selo se le sengwe fela mo go ena. Ka nako eo, Mmareta ene o ne a sena molekane,Dipuo a phela a mmotsa gore naare o emetseng, karabo e ne e ntse ele ” ke emetse motho yo o maleba”. Go a nne go aya jalo. E ne ese gore Mmareta ga a boniwe. o ne  a setse a lapile ngwana wa batho ka mabolediso a tsatsi le letsatsi, ba ipala mabala a kgaka basimanyana.

Lekau la ga Dipuo le ne le tshabega sekolo se sotlhe le dikolo tse di mabapi.Go ne go setse go itsagale fa  o nna le Dipuo, ka jalo tshimanyana ene e tshamekela kgakala le ene. Fa ane asa ba boledisi tsatsing leo Dipuo o ne a lapisiwa ke batho ba ba emisang Mmareta mo tseleng, o ne a simolola go itseela kwa tlase. A ipotsa gore a ene ga a boniwe, ne a sa kgone go lemoga gore bothata ke godiate e a nnang le yona e. Leina la gagwe ke Batshwentse.

Batshwentse e ne ele mosimanyana yo o goletseng kwa godimo. A le mafega okare phefo ya borwa. Mmele o le bokete,a ja ditshipi. Mmele o kgatlhisa mo basetsanyaneng ba le bantsi, ka gore fa o ne o tshotse monna wa dikgoka o ne o tshotse konokono. A le letsogo lebokete. O ntenne fa a ne tsholeletsa Dipuo letsogo, ele ka ntlha ya gore mosimanyana mongwe o ne a mo emisitse mo tseleng. Ya nna seo-modiro. E rile fa mmagwe Dipuo a itse ka ga kgolagano ya bone o ne a sa rate leeseng… o kgalemile o paletswe, mme ka a itse fa pelo e ja serati a latlhela toulo. Gongwe Dipuo ne a tshaba gore fa aka mo tlogela o tla wela dingalo, go itse mang?

Fa ba fitlha kwa mophatong wa bosome le bongwe ke fa go tla mosimanyana mongwe a tswa Bokone, Polokwane. O tlile mo ka ntlha ya gore rragwe ba mo fudusitse ka tsa tiro. A itekanetse ka seemo. Bosetlha jwa gagwe ekare jwa motho a tlhapa ka maswi. Ka monna go sa nke gotwe o montle, ene o ne a lebega, o ne oka tlhola o molebile o sa boye. Maitseo a gagwe ane a tlala seatla, ngwano o boikobo, o ka kgona go bona batsadi ba gawe mo go ene. Le bona ba le boikobo, ga fale ga fale e maswi e sa itsale, fa le e itsetse.

Moso mongwe Mmareta a isa dibuka kwa kantorong ya mokgogo, e rile fela a tikologa ka kgoro ke fa dibuka di re phaa! Fa a ntse a di sela o lemoga  fa gona le letsogo lengwe le le mothusang, mosetsanyana go lemoga letsogo leo a okaoka go tshosa tlhogo, letsogo la teng le bopegile le le phepa, ke le o kareng le go tshwere wa se eletse  le ka go tlogela. Erile go tsosa tlhogo mosetsanyana ke ga okare borekhu bo le mo letsatsing. Mosimanyana ene a tlallwa a sa itse gore a tshware kae a lese kae.

“ke nna… Dumela.. go siame..” mosimanyana a bua a retologa ka iketlo. “Eee… Ke a leboga, o mosa tota” Mmareta a bua a fela mowa. Letsatsi la nna la tsamaya. 

What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger

Odessa Gillespie Black-Best Selling Author

My daughter often jokes and says, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, Mama. Don’t get mad, get pumped.” But I remember to days back in 2004 and I wonder how we made it through. To date, you all don’t know much about me. That’s my fault. I haven’t shared.

In 2004, my husband became ill and eventually went into a coma. The doctors told us many people hold the misconception that we can come to them and they can “fix it.” That wasn’t true for my husband. No one knew how he’d gotten ill or what to do to “fix him.” That puts a wife in a very helpless situation.

In July of 2004, Brant went into the hospital with respiratory symptoms that acted much like the flu. He was put on life support and within ten days came home. He had lost around 30 pounds and this made…

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Pelo e ja Serati ke seane sa setswana se se kayang gore fa o rata motho o mo rata ka pelo yotlhe go sa kgathaletsege goya ka maemo. Gape se kaya fa motho a ka se tlhopelwe gore a rate mang se rate mang.

Gantsi mo lefatsheng re le batho re kopana le dikgetlho tse di ntsi fa re tla mogo tsa marato. Lerato ga e sale lerato malatsing ano, re lebeletse thata dilo tsa lefatshe, e ka nna khomo/lefa, maemo kana ditebego. Dilo tsotle tseno o ka nna le tsona, mme fa o sena lerato go tshwana fela. Go le jaana ga go ise go nne le motho yo o ka tlhalosang lerato ka botlalo, ba rile re a itse, ba tlhotswe le penne.

Thamaga ya bo Jesu e lekile go bua thata ka lerato mo bukeng ya Bakorinte, fa ke gakologelwa sentle, yare lerato ga le tlhope, ga le kgetholle, ga le ipoke, ga le ikgogomose. Jaanong rona re le batho re tlhopile go tsaya tsela nngwe go tswa mo go e, ya Bakorinte.

Fa ke boela mo thitokgang ya lekwalo le, ke rata nka bua ka batho. Batho go le gantsi ga ba itumelele tshwaetsho ya gago ya go ratana le motho yo o rileng. Ba tla simolla ba go kgobotletsa ka majwe, ba bua dipuo di gana go fela. Fa nka botsa ke mang a rileng o tlhoka tshwaelo ya bona gore o ratane le mang?

Batsadi, batsadi le bona nako nngwe ba re tsenya ka fa tlase ga kgathelelo, ‘ga ke go ratele motho yoo… o ntse jaana le jaana” Ee a ke gane nako dingwe o fitlhele ba opile kgomo lenaka, mme ba lebala ka maikutlo a gago, ka pelo ya gago.. Potso e re ka e botsang gone jaanong ke gore, a ba itse seo se go isitseng koo? Nako nngwe re patelediwa go ratana le batho ba ba rileng ka mabaka a rileng ka ntlha ya batsadi. ke ka moo o fitlheng manyalo a le mantsi a tletse dintwa, maaka, bofefe le go tlhoka kutlwano, ke ka ntlha ya gore ba editswe ‘matshwanintshwani” . Pele re ne re itse gore bagolo ba tla go batlela motho bare ke ene monna wa gago kana mosadi wa gago, jaanong dilo di fetogile, ga re sa solofela seo mo nakong eno. Mme leteng gone go sa tlise boitumelo mo pelong ya gago. Fa o ne oka gana o bua fa wena o na le motho yo o mo iponetseng, ga eno ene ele nageng.

Ga ana leitlho,tsebe, o tsamaya a sokame, o matshwekga, o makopo, mmagwe wa loya, kwabo ke bogopane ba baikapari, tseo di tsena jang mo loratong?  fa o sa bone tseo mogo ene o mo ratile jaaka a ntse ga gona sepe seo o ka lelang ka sone jaanong.. o mongwe ene a roke molomo wa gagwe.

Gantsi go kaiwa fa letato le le bofofu, nka dumela,nka ganela. Mme nna ke are PELO E JA SERATI. Ga se gore tse tshotlhe tse di buiwang tseo ga o di bone, fela gore o mo rata jaaka a ntse.  gakologelwa, o se bone thola borethe teng ga yona go a baba.

Ga omo rata. wa mo rata.. gore mang areng… ba fe mokoatla!

Nna ke na le motho o ke mo ratang, re na le sebakanyana re ntse re nna mmogo, fela re fitile foo. Dipuo di gana go fela, Nako nngwe o tla re o fedisa kgolagano ka ntlha ya dipuo tseo, pelo yona ya sala e ngangatletse!

Ga ke fitlha kwa bofelong ke rata gore ‘khudu ya mariga e itsewe ke mmei wa yona’.


#ke ne ke ikutlwa go kwala sengwe ka Setswana, fela le fa se sa tlhapa mo go kalo ke lekile#